Australia’s biggest employers unite to tackle workplace sexism.

“Most people don’t want to be accused, let alone be guilty, of sexist behavior while some often dismiss the subject as political correctness gone mad. Yet we see it play out every single day in the media, in politics, in our workplaces and in the community.” Six thousand employees across different workplaces took part in the report and identified a range of “jokes” that were actually upsetting.
Other examples included: “You won’t want to work on that machine … you might break a fingernail!,” one worker was told. Another worker posted: “You are such a media whore! #joke #funny” Female workers said they have experienced men interrupting or talking over them and men explaining things to them as if they had no prior skills or knowledge when they actually do. One employee said: “The supplier said ‘Can I speak to the manager, love?’ referring to the man behind me. I was in fact the manager.”, “If I really want to get an idea up, I ask my male colleague to propose it in the meeting — I don’t like it but it’s a means to an end.”

December 22, 2017


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